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The Publications Division, a media unit of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India, is one of the leading publishing houses in the country and the largest in the public sector. It aims at publishing quality titles on a wide variety of subjects including arts, literature, culture, science, environment, India’s national heritage as also children’s literature.

The Publications Division promotes National Integration by disseminating information and creating awareness about various activities, regions and the myriad cultures and beliefs of the people of India .

Established in 1941, Publications Division is one among the pioneer publishers of the country. The Division publishes and sells books at affordable prices through its outlets in important cities and also through agents. It also participates in exhibitions and books fairs to promote the sale of books and journals. Till date, about 8000 titles have been published.

Publications Division has published the largest collection of Gandhian literature including 100 volumes of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Division also brings out selected speeches of the Presidents and Prime Ministers of India.

Besides books, the Publication Division brings out Journals about various issues of national and social significance. At present , four journals are being published , which are - Yojana, Ajkal, Kurukshetra ,Bal Bharti and Employment News. These Journals are made available in some regional languages also

The Publications Division is headed by an Director General (DG). The DG is supported by a team of Director level officers handling the Editorial , Business, Administrative and Journals departments .

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- Measure to improve Business and circulation

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