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o  Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, then Minister for            the people on diverse topics.
                    Information & Broadcasting, presented 100       ●   Publications    Division    exceeded     the
                    Volumes of `Collected Works of Mahatma              target   of    digitizing   around     1000
                    Gandhi’ (CWMG)  to Hon’ble Speaker of               books under  the  12th Plan Scheme,
                    Lok Sabha Smt.  Sumitra  Mahajan on                 having a repository of over 1600  fully
                    13th June, 2017 for  Parliament  Library.           searchable titles  at present. DPD also
                    The Minister  also presented these 100              undertook the exercise of identifying titles
                    reprinted volumes to Sabarmati Ashram,              from its own catalogue for translating
                    Ahmedabad on 24th June, 2017 to
                    commemorate the Centenary Celebrations              into Indian languages besides Hindi  &
                    of the foundation of the Ashram. The                English under “Ek Bharat Shreshtha
                    CWMG  is a monumental  document of                  Bharat”.  Around 15 titles  are under
                    Gandhiji’s thoughts which he spoke and              various stages of translations in 12 Indian
                    wrote  from  1884, when  Mahatma  was  a            languages (besides source language).13
                    15 year old boy, till his assassination on          Book discussion programmes/seminars
                    30th January, 1948.                                 were  also  organized by  Publications
                 o  A set of four books titled ‘Swachh Jungle ki        Division  during  the year  2017 on topics
                                                                        of contemporary relevance in an effort to
                    Kahani – Dadi ki Zubani’ was released on            outreach wider audience.
                    4th  May, 2017, to promote development
                    of  cleanliness  habit  amongst children.  ●  A Post Graduate Diploma  Course in
                    The book set was published in 15 Indian             Marathi  Journalism  was  launched by
                    languages.                                          Indian Institute of  Mass Communication
                 o  A rare book `Homage to Mahatma Gandhi’              (IIMC) from its Western Regional Campus
                    was restored and reprinted with  the                at Amravati in Maharashtra on 1st August,
                    help of National Gandhi Museum which                2017 by unveiling the bust of  the great
                    contains tributes to  Mahatma Gandhi                freedom fighter Lok Manya Bal Gangadhar
                    which were broadcast on All India Radio             Tilak  in  the  inaugural function  at  IIMC,
                    after  Gandhiji’s  assassination  on 30th           New Delhi.
                    January, 1948.                                  ●  On      the    occasion      of    Centenary
                 o  Three Heritage  Books released on the               Celebrations  of Champaran Satyagraha,
                    occasion of  Centenary Celebrations  of             Song and Drama  Division  organized
                    Champaran Satyagraha  on 10th April,                programmes       in     Motihari,     Bihar,
                    2017are ‘Gandhi in Champaran’ published
                    by Publications Division  in collaboration          where     the     Satyagraha      Movement
                    with  National Gandhi Museum, New                   originated  and the  programme  “Satya
                    Delhi,  “Romain  Rolland  and Gandhi                Swachch Sur”  was  inaugurated by then
                    Correspondence” and 8-volume ‘Mahatma’              Hon’ble Governor of Bihar and incumbent
                    Series by DG Tendulkar.                             President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind. A
                 o  The bilingual  Reference  Annuals “India            mega Sound and Light programme ‘Samar
                                                                        Yatra’ was also organized on 2nd October,
                    2017/Bharat  2017”  were released and               2017  in the presence of an audience of
                    Online Digital Library (ODL) was launched           over 25000 in Motihari.
                    on 6th February, 2017 in New Delhi.
                 ●  A    Memorandum         of   Understanding      ●  Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI)
                    (MoU)  was  signed between Publications             Annual Report  ‘Press in  India  2016-17’,
                    Division  and Sasta Sahitya Mandal for              an Important Index of Print Media was
                    Joint Publication of books, to sensitize            presented by Principal  Director  General
                    the young generation about India’s rich             Shri Ganeshan to Minister for Textiles and
                    and diverse culture and history. It would           Information  &  Broadcasting Smt Smriti
                    promote availability of good literature for         Zubin Irani on 15th December, 2017. The

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