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Art and Culture of Odisha

Rabindra Mohan Senapati

Odisha has been known for its excellence in art and art forms. This book highlights the colourful vista of art and culture of the state in a simple and lucid language. With supporting illustrations, this book will not only enrich the knowledge of the readers about the place but will also be a visual delight to them

The author, Rabindra Mohan Senapati, is a former civil servant and is a noted writer in Odiya language.

  • Price :70.00
  • Published :2004
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1171-7
  • Pages :99

Life of Krishna in Indian Art

P. Banerjee

The life of Krishna and his teachings have had a profound influence on the minds of the Indian people and as such the theme was popular not only with the saints and the poets, but also with the artists. This volume is broadly divided into two parts, i.e. the text and the illustrations. The text portion describes Krishna’s life as portrayed in the Puranas, the Harivamsa and the Mahabharata and discusses the antiquity and absorption into the broad framework of Vaishnavism.

Dr. P Banerjee was associated with National Museum.

  • Price :700.00
  • Published : 1994
  • Size :Royal octavo
  • ISBN : 81-230-0049-9
  • Pages : 134

World of Other Faces : Indian Masks

Jiwan Pani

This oblong book printed on art paper with an attractive album size cover contains coloured illustrations. It offers an interesting reading in the development of the use of mask and its application to the contemporary theatre as a ictorial details of the masks of different regions of India.

Jiwan Pani joined the Sangeet Natak Academy in 1970 as an Asst. Secretary. In December, 1983 ,he was appointed as the Director of the Kathak Kendra, New Delhi.

  • Price :75.00
  • Published:1986
  • Size:B-5-Oblong
  • Pages:54

Inscriptions of Ashoka

D.C. Sircar

The book presents the English translation of inscriptions of Mauryan Emperor Asoka.Its objective is to carry the message of Ashoka's edicts to the masses.The translation closely follows the text of epigraphic records and made simple so that it is easily comprehended by the readers.These inscriptions were rediscoverd by the scholars and the researchers.

The inscriptions have been rendered into English by Dr. D.R.Sircar, a distinguished scholar.

  • Price :65.00
  • Published : 1957
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0665-9
  • Pages : 75

Some Aspects of Indian Culture

C. Sivaramamurti

The book contains 4 colour plates, 142 monochrome illustrations and seven line drawings depicting not some, but many aspects of Indian culture. The author has divided his work into some 20 sections like the life in ancient India, religious rituals etc.

Calambur Sivaramamurti was an eminent Art Historian and Sanskrit scholar. His entire life has been devoted to the study and exposition of various aspects of Indian art.

  • Price : 400.00
  • Published : 1994
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN :81-230-0046-4
  • Pages : 168

Art and Culture of North-East India

L.P. Vidyarthi

This book pays well deserved attention to various segments of the region and concentrated on past researches, the life, economic conditions, occupational patterns, arts and crafts, traditional dormitories and inherent concepts, dresses, entertainment and rapidly changing cultural and economic scene in the North-East.

Lalita Prasad Vidyarthi was one of the most renowned Indian Anthropologists of the 20th century.He was the Head of the Department of Anthropology,Ranchi University.

  • Price :50.00
  • Published :1993
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0049-9
  • Pages :112

Bihari Satsai :A Commentary

Sudarshan Kumar Kapur

The Satsai (seven hundred verses) is a famous work of the early 17th century by poet Bihari. It contains couplets on devotion, morality and love. The origin of Bihari Satsai is rather intriguing. Raja Jai Singh of Amber was lost in his young wife’s love neglecting State duties and his other wives. Some ministers and his senior wife coaxed Bihari to send a couplet hidden amidst the petals meant for the king’s bed. Reading these lines, the king regained his senses.

Sudarshan Kumar Kapur is an eminent Educationist.

  • Price :705.00
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1694-8
  • Pages:307

The Way of The Buddha

The volume has been designed as an album narrating in pictures, both colour and black and white, the life's cry of Buddha and the evolution and spread of Buddhism. The volume has been divided into seven sections and has illustrations representing the best specimens of art from India and abroad.

The notes at the end of the volume and the captions given with each illustration will help the reader in appreciating and understanding the subject matter.

  • Price :650.00
  • Published : 1995
  • Size : A-4
  • ISBN : 81-230-0226-2
  • Pages : 314

Living Dolls : Story of Indian Puppets

Jiwan Pani

Puppets are “actors” though not human beings. Thus puppets can carry out the drama to heights beyond the reach of human beings. This book gives the history of puppetry and its various types. Their long history of unpretentious drama and simple mystification goes back to the dawn of civilization. Unfortunately, today puppetry is struggling desperately for its survival.

Jiwan Pani joined the Sangeet Natak Academy in 1970 as an Asst. Secretary. In December, 1983 he was appointed as the Director of the Kathak Kendra, New Delhi.

  • Price :75.00
  • Published : 1986
  • Size :A-4 Oblong
  • Pages : 58

Konark : The Black Pagoda

Karuna Sagar Behera

Famous as Black Pagoda, the Sun Temple of Konark in Odisha, is one of the finest monuments of India where the vitality and the spirit of a bygone creative age in the history of Odisha are echoed even today.It has been declared as a World Heritage Monument for itslife-like sculptures.

The author , Prof.Karuna Sagar Behera has discussed all aspects of Konark in this concise narrative with photoplates.

  • Price : 100.00
  • Published : 2005
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1236-5
  • Pages : 125

The Gita Govinda of Shri Jayadev

A.K. Tripathy & P.C. Tripathy

The book highlights the living traditions of Gita Govinda in present day Odisha .The widely acclaimed lyrical composition of Gita Govinda of Shri Jayadev, the 12th Century A.D. Saint Poet, has been a powerful influence on several genres of creative and Performing Arts in various parts of India.

A.K. Tripathy and P.C Tripathy are known researchers of Odisha. Shri A.K Tripathy is a Senior Bureaucrat, a columnist and author of several books in Odiya.

  • Price :450.00
  • Published : 1994
  • Size :A-5 - Oblong
  • ISBN : 81-230-1313-2
  • Pages : 187

Jewels of the Nizams

Usha R. Bala Krishnan

Jewels of the Nizams is the first ever study and documentation of one of the most outstanding collection of gem stones and jewellery which once belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad and was acquired by the Indian Government in 1995.

The author is an Historian specialising in Indian Jewellery.

  • Price :3500.00
  • Published : 2001
  • Size : Royal Quarto
  • ISBN : 81-85832-15-3
  • Pages : 240

Ghalib : A Hundred Moods

P. Banerjee

Ghalib : A Hundred Moods is a selection of 100 couplets of the greatest of Urdu poet – Ghalib. This selection is unique because each of the couplets has been translated into stone. Brijendra Sayal has spent a lifetime on not only collecting these stone specimens but also chiseling them into a fineness where they reflect the essence of Ghalib. The book includes Phoenetic transcription and English translation of the couplets.

  • Price :1000.00
  • Published : 1996
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0369-2
  • Pages : 199

Nataraja in Art , Thought and Literature

C. Sivaramamurti

Nataraja as a theme ,represents life force itself. This book highlights Nataraja as the presiding diety of fine arts , be it music, dance, painting, sculpture or epigraphy. The vedic roots of the cosmic dancer and the blend of tradition and modernity is woven as a thread throughout the book.

Dr. C. Sivaramamurthy has been one of the most acclaimed art historians of this country. This book recieved an UNESCO Award of Recognition.

  • Price :800.00
  • Published : 1994
  • Size :A-4
  • ISBN : 81-230-0092-8
  • Pages : 412

Dance Legacy of Patliputra

Shovana Narayan

The book attempts to trace the development of classical dance in Bihar. Mauryan and Gupta periods are known for patronage to fine arts, learning, administration and polity. The book provides a detailed study on dance scenario, hand gestures, postures and costumes used by the dancers of this area.

Padma Shri Shovana Narayan is a Kathak dance virtuoso.

  • Price : 80.00
  • Published : 1999
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0699-3
  • Pages : 75

Rashtrapati BhavanThe
story of the President’s House

H.Y. Sharada Prasad

Rashtrapati Bhavan is a widely acclaimed masterpiece of architecture, the crowning achievement of a master builder, Edwin Lutyens. The book tells the story of this imperial edifice and its place in the life of people of India. The book documents the evaluation and adaptation of the masterpiece to the needs of Republican India.

The author was Information Adviser to Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi .

  • Price : 900.00
  • Published : 1992
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0009-X
  • Pages : 102

India’s Craft Tradition

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

India has been a land of crafts and craftsmen. In this book, an attempt has been made to trace the growth of mastercraftsmenship in our country in all its manifestations – metals, ivory carvings, potteries, mosaics, shawls, muslins, stones etc..

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay was a freedom fighter and a social worker

  • Price :35.00
  • Published : 2000
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0774-4
  • Pages : 68

Indian Classical Dance

Kapila Vatsyayan

India is a pioneer in Performing Arts. This book deals with five classical dance forms of India in detail viz. Bharat Natyam, Kathakali, Odishi, Manipuri and Kathak. Considered to be a text book for students of classical dance as also the connoisseurs of music and dance, it contains almost all the vital information on this subject.The book contains more than 100 rare photographs, a visual treat to the readers.

Kapila Vatsyayan is an erudite scholar on art and literature.

  • Price :240
  • Published : 2007
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1389-2
  • Pages : 95

Kangra Paintings on Love


Kangra Paintings on Love, for the first time brings together a significant series of paintings on the theme of love. They represent the Nayaka – Nayikas and the Baramasa as portrayed on traditional lines by Hindi poets like Keshav Das, Bihari Lal and others.

Dr. M.S Randhawa has to his credit more than 30 books in English, Hindi and Punjabi on diverse subjects such as social and scientific problems, art and culture.

  • Price :400.00
  • Published : 1994
  • Size :B-4
  • ISBN : 81-230-0050-2
  • Pages : 168

Pata-Paintings of Orissa

B. Mohanty

Pata paintings or scroll paintings on canvas are a unique contribution of the folk artists of Odisha, bringing together the diverse expressions of the divine, along with the different aspects of human life.

The author of the book, Bansidhar Mohanty was an eminent poet, educationist, prominent Odiya critic and essayist of his times. A recipient of Sahitya Academy Award, Mohanty had written a number of books on Odiya culture and literature.

  • Price :140.00
  • Published : 2011-12
  • Size: A-4
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1725-9
  • Pages:52

Folk Arts and Social Communication

Durga Das Mukhopadhyay

Folk Performing Art was born from the urge to express, communicate and share something beautiful. Part I of book captures folk arts as means of political, religious, health communication and a medium of change. Part II covers 12 different folk art forms like Jaha of Bengal, Tamasha of Maharashtra, Burrakatha of Andhra and many more.

Durga Das Mukhopadhyay is a faculty member of Delhi University and is a Scholar in Performing Arts, Tribal culture and Communication.

  • Price:125.00
  • Published:2006-07
  • Size:B-4
  • ISBN:81-230-0195-9
  • Pages:168

National Museum Collection : Bidri Ware

Krishna Lal

Bidri ware derives its name from the town of Bidar now in Karnataka. Bidri ware is famous for the sparkle of silver designs against a contrasting black background on articles of everyday use like vessels, bowls, tables, chairs, trays, cups and many more. The book explains the raw material and techniques used in making Bidri ware and highlights the Bidri ware collection in the National Museum.

  • Price :700.00
  • Published : 1990
  • Size : B-5
  • Pages : 142

Vijayanagara Paintings


TVijayanagara Paintings is a collection of 36 coloured illustrations, 30 black and white illustrations and 17 line drawings. This book is a valuable aid to the understanding of Indian Iconography.

C. Sivaramamurti was a Post Graduate in Sanskrit from Presidency College, Madras and joined the Archaeological Survey of India as Office Incharge of Museum branch at Kolkata. He was a scholar of truly International renown and was decorated with ‘Padma Bhushan’ by Government of India.

  • Price :225.00
  • Published : 1985
  • Size :Royal octavo
  • Pages : 134

Pahari Paintings of the Nala : Damayanti Theme

Karan Singh

The book has an illustration of 47 paintings of the Nala-Damayanti series. These paintings were created in the second half of the 18th Century in the Dogra Pahari region of north India, mainly in what is now Himachal Pradesh. These set of paintings are a remarkable example of the way in which a theme from a great religious classic the Mahabharata as treated in Sriharsa’s Naisadhacarita has been represented in a largely secular setting.

Karan singh, an eminent Parliamentarian, recipient of Padma Vidhushan

  • Price :500.00
  • Published : 1995
  • Size : A-5 - Oblong
  • ISBN : 81-230-0176-2
  • Pages : 195

Guler Painting

M.S.Randhawa & D.S.Randhawa

Guler Painting is the early phase of Kangra style. About in the middle of the 18th century ,some Hindu artists trained in Mughal style sought the patronage of the Rajas of Guler in the Kangra valley. There they developed a style of painting which has a delicacy and spirituality of feeling.

The author was a civil servant,played a major role in the Green Revolution.

  • Price :100.00
  • Published : 1982
  • Size : A-5
  • Pages : 60

South Indian Paintings

C. Sivaramamurti

The book provides a framework of history within which to place the evolution of painting is South, citing epigraphical evidence. The book covers the painters’ tools and materials, texts on paintings and Chitrasalas. It includes paintings of Satavahanas, Pallavas, Pandyas, Cheras, Chalukyas, Cholas and other South Indian Kingdoms from 2nd century B.C. to 18th – 19th Century A.D.

  • Price :350.00
  • Published : 1994
  • Size : A-4
  • ISBN : 81-230-0052-9
  • Pages : 147

Lamps of India

D. G. Kelkar

This book has been reprinted after a gap of 50 yearsand is a collector's item. The illustrations which first gave an insight into the world of lamps, collected by the Kelkar Museum, Pune, are now supplemented by colourful photographs of the same. These photographs point to the developed technology of earlier times where even a small lamp found different shapes and served different purposes. The lamps depicted in the book are unique and every reader would like to possess such lamps .

The author Padmashri Dr. D.G. Kelker , devoted his entire life to build this museum from scratch to crest.

  • Price: 230.00
  • Published:2011-12
  • Size:A-4
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1754-9
  • Pages:80

Indo-Islamic Architecture

Ziyauddin Desai

The saga of Indo-Islamic architecture is a living proof of the synthesis and fusion of what was best in two of the great building traditions of the world- the Indian and the Islamic. The large number of photos of various mosques, minars and minarets with exquisite workmanship add vitality to the text.

The author Ziyauddin Desai is a former Director (Epigraphy), Archaeological Survey of India.

  • Price:115.00
  • Published:2011-12
  • Size:B-5
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1723-5
  • Pages:60

A New Approach to Iqbal

Mohammad Hasan

Iqbal fancied himself as the 'nightingale' of the garden of his motherland. He considered India as the torch-bearer to the world. His poetry reflects myraid moods during the stuggle against imperialist British rule. The book explores multiple facets of his personality and analyses how these were moulded by the socio-historical factors of the time.

Dr. Mohammad Hasan, a renowned scholar , who taught at Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University.

  • Price :85.00
  • Size :A-5
  • Pages : 100

2500 Years of Buddhism

P.V. Bapat

The book gives a short account of Buddhism in the last 2500 years. The foreword for the book was written by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, world-renowned philosopher. The book contains 16 chapters and about one hundred articles written by eminent Buddhist scholars from India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal.

The spirit of Buddha comes alive in the book and enlightens the reader with his teachings so essential now for peace in the strife-torn world.

  • Price:170.00
  • Published:2012-13
  • Size:A-5
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1708-2
  • Pages:440

Gandhi in Champaran

D.G. Tendulkar

This work shows, in some sense, the genesis of Mahatma and how he came to lead the agitation against the repressive regime of South Africa. The author’s intimate knowledge of Gandhiji’s personality and his activities lends particular value and authenticity to this biography.

Reverend Joseph J. Doke was a Minister of Baptist Church during the time of Gandhiji’s agitation in South Africa.

  • Price:80.00
  • Published:2005-06
  • Size :Royal octavo
  • ISBN :81-230-0241-6
  • Pages:116

A Thought for the day

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, always a very busy man, spared a few minutes everyday for nearly two years to write down “A Thought for the Day” – initially to console a bereaved ashramite Shri. Anand T Hingorani – who later compiled them in the shape of this volume.

  • Price:170
  • Published:2010-11
  • Size:A-5
  • ISBN: 81-230-0032-04
  • Pages:344

Mahatma Gandhi – A Great Life In Brief

Vincent Sheean

The author Vincent Sheean was a witness to the assassination of Mahatma and his first hand accounts lends greater authenticity to the events that forever revolutionized the social and political life of India. In the book, he has ably demystified the mysteries of Gandhiji in a down-to-earth and matter-of-fact narration.

Vincent Sheean was American journalist and novelist.

  • Price : 80
  • Published : 2005
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1074-5
  • Pages : 165

Mahatma – Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

D.G. Tendulkar

Written by veteran Gandhian D.G.Tendulkar, this work in eight volumes brings about valuable facts and data about Gandhiji, some of which were hitherto unknown. The author has used the words of Gandhiji himself which leads to greater credibility to the narration.

Dinanath Gopal Tendulkar was an Indian writer and documentary film maker. He is well known as the author of an eight-volume biography of Mahatma Gandhi, titled "Mahatma: Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi."

  • Price :79.00
  • Published :1990
  • Size : Royal octavo
  • ISBN : 81-230-0049-9
  • Pages : 328

Gandhi – His Life and Thought

J B Kripalani

The author lived in close proximity to Gandhiji at the Sabarmati ashram during his tenure as the principal of Gujarat Vidyapith and was instrumental in shaping the scheme of national education.

Jivatram Bhagwandas Kripalani, popularly known as Acharya Kripalani, was an Indian politician, noted particularly for holding the presidency of the Indian National Congress during the transfer of power in 1947.

  • Price :200.00
  • Published : 2005
  • Size :- B.S. Hard Bound
  • ISBN : 81-230-1114-8
  • Pages : 514

Gandhi – A Pictorial Biography

B R Nanda

Authored by B.R. Nanda, a leading historian and a recipient of Padma Vibhushan, this book is a pictorial biography of Gandhiji and provides a fascinating flashback on the life of Mahatma and the struggle for Indian freedom led by him.

Bal Ram Nanda was the eminent Indian biographer of Mahatama Gandhi, and his works have been translated into French, Spanish, Italian and several Indian languages.

  • Price : 125.00
  • Published : 2005
  • Size : B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0198-3
  • Pages : 88

Gandhi – Ordained in South Africa

J. N. Uppal

Authored by J N Uppal, “Gandhi – Ordained in South Africa” traces in candid details the gradual evolution of Gandhi’s personality. It is a fascinating portrayal of a young Indian’s growth from an ordinary lawyer in search of a good means of livelihood to an uncommon man of action.

J N Uppal is a renowned author and historian. His other prominent works include Bengal famine of 1943: A Man-Made Tragedy

  • Price:380.00
  • Published:2007-08
  • Size:Royal octavo
  • ISBN:81-230-0284-X
  • Pages:143


Savita Singh

The book deals with Gandhiji’s idea of Satyagraha and its use by him as a means to achieve the desired goal, i.e. to liberate the country from the clutches of foreign rule.

Dr. Savita Singh, former director of the Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Smriti (The National Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi), has a Ph.D. in contemporary environmental crisis and a Master’s degree in Archaeology and Indian culture.

  • Price :560.00
  • Published : 2007
  • Size :Royal octavo
  • ISBN : 81-230-1430-9
  • Pages : 260

All Are Equal in the Eyes of God
Selections from Mahatma Gandhi's writings

Gandhiji always believed in removal of untouchability as an indispensable condition for attainment of swaraj. He used every platform to condemn this social evil prevailing among the Indian masses. This book presents Gandhiji's perceptions on untouchability and its various manifestations, its socio-economic implications and the ways and means to remove it.

  • Price:75.00
  • Published:2011-12
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230
  • Pages:97

Great Lives, Great Words

Quotable Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi - is a compilation of memorable quotes on various subjects like Art and Culture, peace and war, Nationalism and Internationalism etc.This pocket size book is handy to carry alongwith.

The book is compiled by Publications Division.

  • Price :70.00
  • Published : 2010
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0260-2
  • Pages : 80

Quotes of Sardar Patel

Dr. Prabha Chopra

Quotes of Sardar Patel – is a compilation of memorable snatches from the speeches of Sardar Patel. A slim, sleek volume yet depicts Sardar’s personality and his unique role in attaining Swaraj.

  • Price:70.00
  • Published:2007-08
  • Size:A-5
  • ISBN: 81-230-1282-9
  • Pages:95

Quotable Quotes from Indira Gandhi

P. Banerjee

Quotable Quotes from Indira Gandhi – is a collection of quotes, stringing of phrases from the speeches of Smt. Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. From the serious and the sublime, the book contains flashes of her speeches to the witty and humorous side as well.

The book is compiled by Publications Division.

  • Price:5.00
  • Published:2007-08
  • Size:A-5
  • ISBN:81-230-0246-7
  • Pages:58

Ancient India

P. Banerjee

The book provides an overview of the socioeconomic and political ethos of ancient India. Comprising articles contributed by eminent scholars, this compilation should satisfy the quest for knowledge of students as well as academics about life and times during the ancient period of the country's history.

The book is compiled by Publications Division.

  • Price :70.00
  • Published : 2001
  • Size :Royal octavo
  • ISBN : 81-230-0305-6
  • Pages : 180

The Gospel of Buddha

Paul Carus

First published in 1894 and reprinted several times since, The Gospel of Buddha by Paul Carus has attained the stature of a classic today. This book sketches the picture of a religious leader of the remote past with the view of making it bear upon the living present and become a factor in the formation of the future. The bulk of its contents is derived from the old Buddhist canon; Dr. Paul Carus captures in his simple and sensitive prose, what Olga Kopetzky has done with her delicate drawings in the volume, the radiant spirit of Buddhism and the poetic grandeur of the Buddha's personality.

  • Price:135.00
  • Published:2007-08
  • Size:A-5
  • ISBN:81-230-0246-7
  • Pages:265

India : Before and After the Mutiny

P.C. Ray

This famous essay by P.C. Ray was first republished by Ram Mohun Library and Free Reading Room, Kolkata in 1994. As a tribute on his 50th death Anniversary. Publications Division is reprinting this work of deep historical insight and significance.

  • Price :100.00
  • Published:2012-13
  • Size:A-5
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1827-0
  • Pages:114

Rise of the Maratha Power

Mahadeo Govind Ranade

The book is a gem of its kind. It summarises the vivid outline of the rise of the Maratha power in a brilliant fashion. The book has wielded such an influence on later study of Maratha history as well as on the approach to the understanding of the history of India as a whole that it is rightly considered a classic.

The author popularly known as Justice Ranade was a pioneer in many fieldsHis championship of social reform and his studies in History and political economy were aspects of his many sided talents.

  • Price :150.00
  • Published:2011-12
  • Size:Royal octavo
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1773-0
  • Pages:152

1857 - The Uprising

Surendranath Sen

This book is an objective history of the First War of Indian Independence. Apart from tracing the causs for the uprising, it describes in detail the strategies followed by both the sides in various important theatres of the war.

Sen taught in Unversity of calcutta and worked in the Imperial Deptt. of Document which later became the National Archieves. It was foreworded by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

  • Price:160.00
  • Size :Royal octavo
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1493-7
  • Pages :470

1857 - A Pictorial Presentation

This album contains seventy photographs, sketches and graphics of the leaders, events and places associated with the 1857 War of India’s Independence.

The most significant parts of the album are the sketches and pictures by those British who actually participated in the war and instantly drew sketches of the events in the midst of fighting. These illustrations have been arranged so as to tell a story and notes are added to the captions.

  • Price :150.00
  • Published : 2000
  • Size:B-5 - Oblong
  • ISBN:81-230-0421-4
  • Pages:70

History of Freedom Movement in India (Volume one)


The book deals with the social, political, cultural and economic conditions of India in the eighteenth century against the backdrop of the historical processes that had in earlier times shaped the life and history of Indian people. (Available in four volumes).

Eminent Archaeologist and scholar of Ancient History and Culture Tarachand was vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University.

  • Price:180.00
  • Published:2005-06
  • Size:B-5
  • ISBN:81-230-1290-x
  • Pages: 284

The Economic History of India

Romesh Chunder Dutt

Brought out in two volumes (1902 and 1904), The Economic History of India traces the history of all economic activity that was prevalent from the ancient times in the rural areas of the country.

Romesh Chunder Dutt, One of the first to enter into the ICS, held high administrative posts in his 26- year old career. He is also reputed for his literary pursuits, in his historical novels and his translations of the epics.

  • Price :260.00
  • Published : 2011-12
  • Size : A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1689-4
  • Pages : 116

Framing History : Context and Perspectives

Bhupendra Yadav

History is a part of this evolving 'Coomonwealth of learning'"In this book, the author Bhupendra Yadav, a history teacher by profession, has provided an inter - disciplinary survey of the changing context and perspectives of history writing.

  • Price :260.00
  • Published : 2012
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1689-4
  • Pages : 116

Rajguru : The Invincible Revolutionary

Anil Verma

This book is not only Rajguru's biography, but also provides a deep insight into the struggle faced by the revolutionaries. Though the British Government managed to hang Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru on 23rd March, 1931, they still reign over the hearts and minds of millions of Indians.

Anil Verma is a Judge and a prolific sports writer. He belongs to a family illustrious freedom fighters.

  • Price : 122.00
  • Published : 2010-11
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1647-4
  • Pages : 184

Khudiram Bose : Revolutionary Extraordinaire

Hitendra Patel

The early phase of Indian Independence Movement saw several revolutionaries who took up arms against the British and Khudiram Bose, perhaps was the youngest revolutionary to join the freedom movement. His bombing of the carriage of the British officer sent tremors of fear among the British authority. With a smile on his face, this eighteen year old revolutionary embraced the gallows.

  • Price :85.00
  • Published :2008-09
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1539-2
  • Pages : 75

Bhagat Singh : The Eternal Rebel

Malwinder Jit Singh Waraich

The place of Bhagat Singh is unique in the annals of our freedom struggle. Born in a family of patriots and revolutionaries, he and his venerable comrades grew in an atmosphere surcharged with nationalistic and revolutionary fervour. Throughout the short span of his sparkling life, he pursued his fight against the British rule and also against all forms of exploitation

Malwinder Jit Singh Waraich is a veteran and enthusiastic chronicler of the revolutionary movement in India.

  • Price :150.00
  • Published :2007
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1481-3
  • Pages : 206

Trial of Tilak

Trial of Tilak, is a veritable account of the famous trial of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the indomitable champion of Swaraj in July 1908. The trial was for ‘sedition’ and following it he was sentenced to transportation for six years with a fine of 1000/- to Mandalay jail.

The proceedings of this historic trial, which lasted for ten days, were soon afterwards documented in a book form by N.C.Kelkar. The book covers the brilliant defence put up by Tilak himself and other legal luminaries of the country.

  • Price :80.00
  • Published :1986
  • Size :Royal octavo
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1773-0
  • Pages :446

Remember Us Oncs in a While: Letters of Martyrs

During the freedom struggle, hundreds of thousands of patriots offered resistance, went to jail and suffered hardships. Innumerable martyrs made the supreme sacrifice to throw out the foreign rulers. This book is a collection of letters written by some of these martyrs to their relatives and comrades .The objective of bringing out this publication is to bring the fervor of our freedom movement among today's youth.

  • Price : 130.00
  • Published : 2012-13
  • Pages : 162
  • Size : A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1839-3

Who’s Who of Indian Martyrs

Who’s Who of Indian Martyrs (in three volumes) was published in 1969, 1972 and 1973. The first and second volumes are dedicated to the freedom fighters who were hanged for the freedom struggle from 1857 to 1947. The third and the last volume deals exclusively with the martyrs of 1857.

  • Price :270.00
  • Size : A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1757-0
  • Pages :382

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

W. N. Kuber

This book provides an insight into the multi-sided genius of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, an eminent son of the country. Masterly statesmanship, expertise in Constitution drafting and fearless debating characterised this great personality. Dr. Ambedkar championed the cause of the downtrodden and contributed towards revitalising the Indian society by striking at the root of social evils.

  • Price : 125.00
  • Published :2013
  • Size : A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1804-1
  • Pages :157

Birsa Munda

A. K. Dhan

The plateau of Chhotanagpur brims with forest wealth and minerals. Nature’s vast resources had always attracted outsiders to this region and this led to the rise of various classes of exploiters In such circumstances prevailing during the end of nineteenth century Birsa Munda rose like a phoenix.

The author A.K. Dhan is the member of the Permanent Committee of the University Grants Commission for Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

  • Price :70.00
  • Published :2006
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1312-4
  • Pages : 104

Dr. Zakir Hussain

Majda Asad

The book gives details of various phases of the Indian President, Dr. Zakir Hussain’s life (1897-1969), his education, foreign tours, family background and political career.

The author of this book, Professor Majda Asad has a number of books to her credit and has won a number of prizes for her books.

  • Price : 85.00
  • Published : 2006-07
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :81-230-1362-0
  • Pages : 147

Rajendra Prasad

Kali Kinkar Datta

Rajendra Prasad was a scholar, a humanist, deeply religious, fearless patriot, national hero, a devoted follower of Mahatma Gandhi, an enlightened guide of the country. This book has his brilliant career described in the different chapters of this volume. Rajendra Prasad was the noblest personality of his time and his career in many ways illumines the history of our country.

  • Price :165.00
  • Published : 2009-10
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1607
  • Pages : 299

Jamshet ji Tata

B.S. Saklatwala and K. Khosla

Jamshetji Tata was the Father of Indian Industry. During the British rule, when hurdles were created at every stage for Indian industry, Jamshetji Tata worked with grit and determination and had done pioneering service in various fields of industry and technology. This book presents various facets of this great life in an interesting and inspiring style.

  • Price :100.00
  • Published : 2012
  • Size : A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1636-8
  • Pages : 137

Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das

Hemendranath Das Gupta

A poet, lawyer and a figure of high standing, C.R. Das Gupta wanted "Swaraj for the masses, not for the classes." He gave up a lucrative practice at the bar and gifted his entire property to the service of the Nation.

The author, Dr. Hemendranath Das Gupta, who knew him personally, has rendered a great service by presenting his biography.

  • Price :155.00
  • Published : 2011
  • Size : A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1681-8
  • Pages : 228

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

I.J. Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel consolidated the country into one united whole in a unique manner after independence. He was a man of iron will and absolute fearlessness. He tackled the question of more than 500 State territories and principalities in a masterly strategic manner. He was a great statesman and a humanitarian administrator who was involved in social work by not spending tonnes of money in relief work but by a sense of thrift.

  • Price :80.00
  • Published :2005
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :81 -230 - 1209-8
  • Pages : 155

Sri Aurobindo

M.P. Pandit

This biography traces the evolution of Sri Aurobindo, the man and the saint, through his childhood, education in England, service in the State of Baroda, political activity and finally his dedication to spiritual sadhana. Apart from the biographical sketch, the book presents in over 20 pages sidelights on Sri Aurobindo’s thought compiled from his writings and talks.The author M.P.Pandit was associated with Sri Aurobindo right from the former’s childhood.

  • Price :75.00
  • Published : 2000
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1209-8
  • Pages : 328

Rabindra Nath Tagore

Hiranmay Banerjee

Rabindranath Tagore was the first Asian to be awarded with the Nobel prize. As a poet, writer and a philosopher, he became the voice of India's spiritual heritage and a living institution. Though mainly known as a poet, Tagore was multifaceted and left an indelible impression on different branches of art such as novels, short stories, dramas, articles, essays and paintings. His songs popularly known as Rabindra Sangeet have an eternal appeal. This book highlights all the aspects of this great person who walked the earth

  • Price :95.00
  • Published :2010-11
  • Size : A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1870-2
  • Pages :196

Subhas Chandra Bose

Girija K. Mookerjee

The book attempts to assess the magnanimous personality with a view to eventually forming an objective and correct idea of Netaji’s thinking, his activities and political attitudes. The book throws light on the formative days of Netaji when he was a very shy and timid person.

  • Price :100.00
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1604-7
  • Pages :146

Charles Freer Andrews

Benarsidas Chaturvedi & Marjorie Sykes

This is a biography of C.F. Andrews who worked with Gandhiji and Tagore and other leaders. In June 1897, he was ordained as a priest at Southwirk Cathedral. He joined Cambridge Brotherhood and taught at St. Stephen’s College. He visited the whole world apart from the USSR and the mainland of South America. He always worked for poor and organised relief work during natural calamities. He earned the honour of the “Friend of the Poor”- Deenabandhu, while working among the Indians of Fiji.

  • Price :25.00
  • Published :1982
  • Size : B-4
  • Pages :390

Indira Gandhi

Bishambhar Nath Pandey

This is a biography of Smt. Indira Gandhi, a remarkable woman of our times. She was a highly complex woman. Best known as a tough politician who could even stand up to the super powers. She was a woman who loved books, music and art.She could hold her own in the most sophisticated company. Her feminism and elegance charmed the world. Under her leadership, the country underwent profound changes.

  • Price :65.00
  • Published:1989
  • Size :A-5
  • Pages :460

Hakim Ajmal Khan

Zafar Ahmad Nizami

This book deals with the life and achievements of the great freedom fighter Hakim Ajmal Khan. Hakim Saheb took part in the ‘Khilafat Movement’. He founded Tibbiya College in Delhi and thus saved Unani System of Medicine from extinction in India. The book presents a lucid account of turmoil and turbulance of Freedom Movement in India. Author Zafar Ahmed Nizami has written many books and has been associated with Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

  • Price :30.00
  • Published :1988
  • Size :A-5
  • Pages :275

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

P. Nagaraja Rao

The Vice President of free India who laterwent on to become the President, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was a great scholar and philosopher of our times. He was an erudite scholar on varied facets of Indian wisdom. The striking features of his works are the supremacy of spiritual values to be imbibed, the need for a positive attitude towards life and compassion for all. He received many honours including the Knighthood and the Bharat Ratna.

  • Price :110.00
  • Published : 2011-12
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1766-2
  • Pages :120

Surya : Solar Explorations Since Galileo

Mohan Sundara Rajan

People through the ages have been fascinated by amazing properties. The book explains these phenomena as it takes us through the time-line of solar explorations in India as well as the world.

The author a well known science writer with several books on space and astronomy to his credit is a recipient of the Soviet Land Nehru Award and several other awards for his contribution to popular science.

  • Price :110.00
  • Published :2011-12
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1679-5
  • Pages : 124


G.S . Sodhi and Jasjeet Kaur

The book aims to place on record, that since ancient times, fingerprinting has been an integral component of indian culture and civilization.

G.S . Sodhi and Jasjeet Kaur, are professors in Delhi University and recipient of National and International awards in the field of Fingerprinting.

  • Price :160.00
  • Published :2013
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1811-9
  • Pages : 110

Glimpses of Indian Technology

A Survey of Four Decades is a compilation throwing light on Indian achievements in science and technology. The compilation gives a detailed account of the accomplishments in the field of space science, atomic energy, agriculture, biotechnology, telecommunications, nonconventional energy, etc.

Shri Bal Krishna is a senior science correspondent with PTI and a major commentator on science and technology. Dr. C.P. Thakur, a Padma Shri, is an Emeritus Professor, Patna Medical College.

  • Price :25.00
  • Published :1982
  • Size :B-4
  • Pages :390

Bharatiya Vigyan Manjusha or the Treasure

Trove of Ancient Indian Sciences is as the name suggests a compendium of contributions to science and technology. It has become hackneyed to repeat the fact that while the western world was still fighting the mists of backwardness, the Indians were doing and thinking new and bigger things in scientific know-how.

M.S.Sreedharan, the technocrat and a man of science brought together this compilation in English based on the original Malayala publicationon the subject.

  • Price :110.00
  • Published :2011-12
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1679-5
  • Pages : 124

Holistic Healing : A Personal Journey

S.N. Virnave

Understanding the mysteries of universe and miracles of life and its existence have become a passion and a spiritual thirst with many. With the emerging trend in the scientific thought and the insights gained through the human evolutionary process, day is not far when science may start delving into the study of consciousness in consonance with the essence of spirituality.

  • Price :120.00
  • Published :2012-13
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1756-3
  • Pages : 82

Some Eminent Indian Scientists

Jagjit Singh

From Aryabhatt, Bhaskar, Sushrut, Kanada to C. V. Raman, Homi J. Bhabha and S. Chandrasekhar, India has a glorious history in Science. These great men of science have brought laurels to the country.

A writer of international fame, Jagjit Singh has written books on mathematics, hydro-statics and cosmology. His deep and clear understanding of the latest developments makes it easy for him to write on the extremely complex subject of theoretical science in a simple language.

  • Price :125.00
  • Published :2011-12
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1750-1
  • Pages : 192

Living with others –Biodiversity Around Us

The variety of life on Earth, its biological diversity is commonly referred to as Biodiversity. The number of species of plants, animals, and micro-organisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, the different ecosystems on the planet such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs, are all part of a biologically diverse Earth.

The author Dr M.A. Haque, a scientist by profession, through this book highlights the need for sustainable development and consumption, in order to avoid an ecological imbalance.

  • Price :190.00
  • Published :2012-13
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1746-4
  • Pages :76

Lawns and Gardens

A garden or a lawn is all things to all people – it may be considered a quiet corner for relaxation or entertainment or may be a proposition for profit. In this book the author S.L. Jindal, one of India’s leading horticulturists of his time, provides the readers the basic help to carve out a quiet nook for themselves.

A well-known authority on Japanese style landscaping the author is credited with the designing of Roshanara Park in Delhi.

  • Price :320.00
  • Published :2012-13
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1751-8
  • Pages : 186

A brief History of Water Resources in India

Shri Krishan

Water is life. Yet, over one billion people across the globe have no access to safe drinking water. This book is an attempt at tracing the history of water resources in India from ancient to modern times.

The author,Shri Krishan,a teacher by profession, through this book has highlighted the need to conserve the rare commodity Water.

  • Price :70.00
  • Published :2010-11
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1667-2
  • Pages : 87

Rabindranath Tagore – A Life Story

Author: Kshitis Roy

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) was a poet, philosopher, artist, playwright, composer and novelist who reshaped Bengal’s literature and music.As the author of “Gitanjali”, Tagore became the first non- European and first Indian to have worn the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1931.

In this book the author Kshitis Roy takes a look at Tagore’s life from birth to death, in simple language which makes the book interesting for both the children and the adults.

  • Price :Rs.120/-
  • Published:2012
  • Size:B-5
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1764-8
  • Pages:91

Inventions that made History

Dilip M. Salwi

We are familiar with rocket, T.V., Railways, motor car etc. But do we know how these inventions were made? Here is a book that tells us how these inventions that revolutionised our lives and benefited the mankind were made and what their inventors were like.

The author Dilip M. Salwi was a popular science writer with several bestsellers and award-winning books to his credit.

  • Price :95.00
  • Published: 2012-13
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1754-9
  • Pages : 90


Girija K. Mookerjee

The book a biographical sketch of swami vivekananda - spritual ambassador of india, tells his life story in an interesting from. it covers, in brief, all important phased of his life from childhood to his journey to west. it also describes his early monk life, his friends and his days of wandering. some of the photographs and line drawings which appear in this book are rare and relate to various glorious moments of his life.

  • Price :55.00
  • Published: 2013
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN:978-81-230-1810-2
  • Pages :28

Our Birds

Rajeshvar Prasad Narain Sinha

Indian birds are of many types and species and are found throughout the length and breadth of the sub-continent. The Indian sub-continent is home to over 1200 species of birds. This book, 'Our Birds' is an attempt at familiarizing the young readers with 20 most common winged friends, who inhabit our surroundings and enrich the nature. The author with his simple language almost casts a spell on his readers who are compelled to read the whole book in one sitting.

  • Price:220.00
  • Published:2011-12
  • Size:B-5
  • ISBN: 978-81-230-1747-1
  • Pages : 80

Indian Folk Tales

Mulk Raj Anand

The book consists of eight delectable stories, forming part of Indian folk tales and journeying through many a generation. These have been handed down to us by our imaginative Indian storytellers with their gods, heroes, demons, witches, fairies, birds, beasts and flowers in our folk literature.

Mulk Raj Anand was an Indian writer in English, notable for his depiction of the lives of the traditional Indian society.

  • Price :55.00
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1609-2
  • Pages :45

Children’s Mahabharata

Mathurama Bhootalingam

Mahabharata is one of the great epics of the world. The epic replete with stories of intrigues, conspiracy, jealousy, valour and competition, gives an in-depth knowledge of the Indian society of that time. The author has retold VedVyasa’s epic for children. Her lucid narration makes the book indispensable for the youngsters.

   The author Mathuram Bhoothalingam was a well known Tamil and English writer on philosophy and mythology. Her first novel was Puhai Naduvinil.

  • Price :65.00
  • Published:2010
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0629-2
  • Pages :82

Children’s Ramayana

Mathurama Bhootalingam

In Hindu mythology Rama is the embodiment of civic, ethical and philosophical values. The author Mathuram Bhoothalingam has retold the story of the great epic “Ramayana”, written by sage Valmiki in a very beautiful and easy manner, appealing to the children.

The author Mathuram Bhoothalingam was a well known Tamil and English writer on philosophy and mythology. Her first novel was Puhai Naduvinil.

  • Price :77.00
  • Published: 2010
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0628-4
  • Pages : 67

No time for fear and other stories

Sirgun Srivastav

“How can you believe in such foolish things as horoscopes? Take a paddle and row”, says Venu to his friend while battling a turbulent sea in ‘No time for Fear’, Ramu and Bharat solve the secret of the Black shadow in the middle of the road in ‘Time is running out’. Meet these and many more fascinating characters in this collection of dramatic stories.

Sirgun Srivastav is a multi-talented personality, and by profession is a sculptress.

  • Price :50.00
  • Published : 2002
  • Size :B-4
  • ISBN : 81-230-1059-1
  • Pages : 99

The tale of the Tailor-Bird and other stories
Children’s Section

Upendrakishore Raychowdhury

This book for children consists of 27 stories. Each story revolves around either a bird or an animal. Men and Women if at all, are playing minor roles. The author has given voice to the birds and animals, making the stories lively and entertaining.

  • Price :55.00
  • Published : 2002
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-0187-8
  • Pages : 81

The Adventures of Jhilik

The book is about a girl who takes the form of different living being to experience their life. The author Dr Sukanya Dutta, through this story tells the children the importance of different life forms on earth.The chronicled the development of the Press in the North-East.

  • Price :145.00
  • Published : 2012-13
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1840-9
  • Pages: 172

On the Tunnel Track

R. K. Murthi

This is a unique book on tunnels. The book explains the origin and sighnificance of tunnels. Perhaps, for the first time an effort has been made here to create awareness and understanding among the children regarding tunnels. This book will not only appeal to the children but also the general readers.

The author R.K. Murthi is a well known short story writer and has a number of books, articles and skits to his credit.

  • Price :30.00
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN :81-230-0526-1
  • Pages : 28

Celebrating Seasons

Santhini Govindan

There is a magical world of seasons and the stories of this book open the doors to this wonderful land for you.

Seasonal changes in nature with all its shades come alive in the book and their imaginative depiction is bound to take you closer to nature.

Santhini Govindan is a widely published, award-winning author of children's literature. She has written more than thirty five books for children.

  • Price :60.00
  • Published: 2008-09
  • Pages : 54
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 978-81-230-1541-5

Conscience of the Race : India's Offbeat Cinema

Bibekananda Ray

In this book,the author presents an up to date bird's eye view of the genre and holds that in its totality.It reflects the 'Conscienceof the Race'.The author, an avid film goer,sinceboyhood and headed various Media Units of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

  • Price :240.00
  • Published:2005-06
  • Pages :275
  • Size:B-5
  • ISBN:81-230-1298-5

Great Masters of Indian Cinema
The Dadasaheb Phalke Award Winners

D.P. Mishra

One man who probably understood the art and technique of filmmaking better than most of his contemporaries was Dadasaheb Phalke. His landmark film 'Raja Harishchandra' is considered as India's first featurefilm. Dadasaheb Phalke Awards, instituted in the memory of this icon of Indian cinema, are given every year since 1969. A short description of the awardee, the films they were associated with, and illustrations make this book informative and interesting.

  • Price:195.00
  • Published:2006-07
  • Size :B-5
  • ISBN : 81-230-1361-2
  • Pages:145

Press in the North-East

G..P. Pandey

'Seven Sisters' and the state of Sikkim form the captivating North-eastern region of India. With underlying unity, this stretch has vibrant diversity of languages, culture, geography and ethnicity.

Prof. G.P. Pandey, Dean and Head of Mass Communications Department, University of Assam has chronicled the development of the Press in the North- East.

  • Price:145.00
  • Published:2012-13
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1840-9
  • Pages:145

Selected Speeches President
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Volume - 1

Dr. Kalam, one of the most distinguished scientists of India and a recipient of Bharat Ratna (1997), the highest civilian award of the country became the 11th President of India on 25th July 2002. The present volume is a compilation of Dr. Kalam's speeches from July 2002 up to February 2004 in which his focus is on transforming India into a developed nation by 2020.

  • Price:600.00
  • Published:2006-07
  • Size :Royal Octavo
  • ISBN :81-230-1438-4
  • Pages:697

President Pratibha Devisingh Patil
Selected Speech (Volume-I)

The present volume is a compilation of the speeches of Smt. Pratibha Patil, the twelfth President and the first woman President in the history of democratic India. Her speeches covering the period between July 2007 to December 2008 lay emphasis on the effort that needs to be made for protection of the fundamental rights of the people and to ensure human dignity to all.

  • Price:375.00
  • Published:2012
  • Size :Royal Octavo
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1800-3
  • Pages:411

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Selected Speech

The speeches in this volume reflect the high priority being attached by the Government to the successful implementation of its flagship and anti-poverty programmes intended to improve the quality of public services and ensure good governance.

The speeches also provide an insight into India's relations with other countries of the world.

  • Price:395.00
  • Published:2012
  • Size :Royal Octavo
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1776-1
  • Pages:431

Local Governance :A Global Perspective

B. S. Baviskar & Ash Narain Roy

Local Governance:A Global Perspective contains analysis of local government institutions in countries that have fairly well-established third tire of those and the ones that are still struggling to establish inclusive and participatory systems of decentrailed governance.

Prof. B.S. Bavisker is a Senior Fellow at Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, and Dr. Ash Narain Roy is the Director, Institute of Social Science, New Delhi.

  • Price:175.00
  • Published:2012-13
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1762-4
  • Pages:194

Why People Protest
An Analysis of Ecological Movements

Subhash Sharma

Ecology and development go hand in hand in a sustainable society. This book attempts to study prominent environmental movements in India and other developing countries.

Dr. Subhash Sharma is a prolific writer and sociologist, who has authored many books and regularly contributes to reputed journals.

  • Price:190.00
  • Published:2008-09
  • Size :Royal Octavo
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1535-4
  • Pages:227

Why People Protest
An Analysis of Ecological Movements

Subhash Sharma

Earth in Peril probes deep into the issues linked to our very existence. This book highlights the damage being caused to the environment and possible remedial measures. While giving a global framework, the author presents an Indian perspective to the entire phenomenon.

The author is an expert on the subject. He has written several books on environment-related issues.

  • Price:155.00
  • Published:2008-09
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1539-2
  • Pages:290

Citizens and the Constitution

Subhash Sharma

This book is about the role which the Indian Constitution has marked out for its citizens, the State and various Central and State governing bodies. The book has also outlined the valuable and indispensable political, social and economic role of citizens in nation building. Various issues where citizens are involved have been discussed such as religion, law, finance, commerce, elections and education.

  • Price:75.00
  • Published:2002
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :81-230-0521-0
  • Pages:294

District Administration : Theory & Practice

Author: N.P.Nawani

District as a unit of administration and the focal point for the field level activities has been an integral part of Indian society.

In this book, the author N.P Nawani has presented the theory and practice of administration at the grassroot level. s Shri Nawani, a former Chief Secretary and Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has also served as the Secretary General of the Indian Broadcasting Foundation.

  • Price:270.00
  • Published:2011
  • Size :Royal Octavo
  • ISBN :81-230-1332-9
  • Pages:234

The Wonderful Marine World

Sukanya Datta

The author Dr. Sukanya datta, a scientist by profession through this book takes the readers on a journey deep under the waves and also through time. Marine World traces the entire saga from how the first oceans were formed and explores realms of the watery world in all its dimensions: geographical, physical, chemical, and biological unfolding, in detail, the secrets of the seas.

  • Price:185.00
  • Published:2010-11
  • Size :A-5
  • ISBN :978-81-230-1707-5
  • Pages:238
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