1. Vision

“Continually produce and efficiently distribute books and journals in friendly and new age formats; those reflecting and carrying matters of national importance ranging from multi-faceted heritage and values to modern and contemporary ideas; those seeking to empower an aspirational generation and those facilitating a sustained and mutually beneficial citizen-government engagement.”

2.   Mission

i. Establish DPD as a modern and techno-savvy publishing house – with intellectual vibrancy, clarity of practices, strategies and goals in terms of content, presentation and business; and enhance its reputation for quality publications at affordable prices.

ii. Contribute towards a better understanding of India -past, present and future - through publications on various topics.

iii. Set high standards of book publishing, both in content and production quality, inspiring the publishing sector in India.

iv. Adopt technological advancements and best industry practices to ensure widest outreach of Publications at affordable price including adoption of a digital distribution mechanism.