Business Policy Guidelines Publications Division 2019 (Under Revision)



Clause 1 : 

 Publications Division (PD) is a repository of books and journals highlighting subjects of national importance and India’s rich cultural heritage. The mandate of the organisation is to bring out publications on matters of national heritage and publish make them available to people at affordable prices. Set up in 1941, it has emerged as a premier publishing house of the Government of India, enriching national knowledge repository in preserving and showcasing India’s heritage with quality publications on land and people, history of freedom movement, art and culture, flora and fauna, biographies of the builders of modern India during the freedom movement, leading lights in the field of culture, philosophy, science, literature etc. Publications Division also brings out four monthly journals Yojana, Kurukshetra, Bal Bharti and Aajkal and a weekly Employment News. These periodicals cover contemporary issues such as economic and social development, rural reconstruction, culture, children’s literature and information on Employment and career opportunities.


 To keep pace with the fast changing publishing sector and to avail the advantage of  offered by technology and to have better interface with the readers as well as the agents/ distributors of PD’s publications,  the existing Business Policy guidelines are hereby revised with a social objective of reaching out to maximum number of people. The Business Policy guidelines contain broad parameters to be adopted relating to  pricing of books and journals,  discount structure for sale, provisions relating to credit sale and return,  digital marketing for print and e-books, sales promotion, fostering partnerships with other similarly placed organisations and initiation of  international sale of publications besides the sale of publishing and translation rights. The pricing mechanism and discount structure is proposed in such a manner that there is a fine balance between recovery of cost and meeting the social obligation of providing quality publications at affordable prices as widely as possible through flexible marketing arrangements.

Clause 2 :

Pricing of Publications

(i)     Monthly Journals of Publications Division: 

Revision of Price (Rs) of journals? 


Name of the Journal

Subscription price for 1 issue Rs.

Subscription price for 1 year Rs.

Subscription price for  2 years Rs.

Subscription price for  3 year Rs.

Subscription Price for Special issue Rs.























Bal Bharti







a)      For subscribers abroad, air mail charges as prescribed by India Post from time to time, will also be levied.

b)      If a subscriber wishes to get copies by Registered Post, she/he will have to pay additional charges as per the applicable Postal rate on the date of order.


(ii)  Employment News: Revision of price of Employment News :




Name of the Journal

Subscription Price per copy Rs.

Subscription Price for 1 year Rs.

Subscription Price for 2 year Rs.

Subscription Price for 3 year Rs.


Employment News









iii) Books:

a)      Royalty Books- In case of books on which PD is paying royalty to the author, the mark-up of 250% on the cost of production will be levied.

b)      Non-Royalty Books- Publications like India Year Book, gazetteers etc. on which no royalty is payable, the mark up will be 200% on the cost of production.

c)      Pictorial, Art and Coffee table Books – Mark up will be 300% irrespective of the categories mentioned above.

d)     Books of Heritage value- Books on Gandhi and important national leaders, and books on issues of historical importance will be priced at 150% markup on production costs.

e)      Reprints- For bulk orders if received within two years of the year of printing of the book by Publications division, the catalogue price to be retained to be able to execute bulk orders.


Clause 3  :

Price of Digital Publications and Marketing tie-ups with e-tailers

(i)  For e-books, e-journals & e-Aggregators:

a)   E-books will be available to customers through different platforms including e-commerce platforms along with the website of Publications Division.

b)   The price of e-book/e-journals to be at par with print books with 25% discount on the price to be passed on to buyers. In effect it would be 75% of the p-book.

c)   Publications Division to utilize the marketing platform for sale of its e-books/e-journals with a revenue sharing ratio of 70:30 (PD: Platform) on the realised amount through sales of e-books/e-journals being compliant with Indian laws.

d)  Additional Special discount of up to 20% offers for a period of not exceeding 10 days could be provided on National Holidays or Important days such as World Book day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc .

e)   PD will also sell its e-books & e-journals through E-commerce platforms/ E-resource aggregator in both Domestic & International market being compliant with Indian laws.

f)    Services of an E-resource aggregator will be taken to approach to libraries/ institutes.  The E-resource aggregator will be engaged on the same terms & conditions as for e-commerce platforms mentioned in above.

g)   Discount structure as for P-Book & journals ( as per Clause 4 ) to be also applicable in the same formula for e-books/e-journals.


(ii)  For Sale of P-books on E-commerce Platforms in Domestic & International Market :

a)      To sell the books on e-commerce platforms, PD will offer a higher discount with a ceiling of 55%. It will include the logistic costs proposed by e-tailers.

b)      This arrangement with agents/book distributors of PD will be non-exclusive and the cost involved in selling books has to be covered under the ceiling of 55 % of the proposed discount on per unit sale. This discount provision will be applicable only to meet the sales through e-commerce platform.

c)      Sale and return of select publication will be allowed in case the purchaser does not honour the order/cancelles the order.

d)     Stocking, selling, promoting, dispatching, handling of customer grievances and all other logistics cost will be met by the Agents within the ceiling of 55% discount.

e)      Agents will also be given 120 days credit facility against an EMD of 50% of gross purchase.

f)       Return facility upto 20% of the total stock lifted will be offered to the Agents who purchase PD books for sale through e-commerce platforms.

g)      These Agents will required to upload all the titles provided by PD on e-commerce platforms.

      Clause 4 :

Revision of Discount Structure:

(i) Books:

a)      For Agents: 


Monetary Limit

Approved Discount

Despatch Cost*


Upto Rs. 10,000/-


100% Despatch by  Agent


Rs. 10,001-Rs. 2Lakhs


Despatch Cost to be shared equally by PD & Agent


Rs. 2,00001-Rs.5 Lkhs



Over Rs. 5 lakhs


b)      Agent will need to register by making a non-refundable registration fee of Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) .

* The dispatch cost is for a single destination. For more than one destination, the cost to be borne entirely by the Agent/Distributor.

c)      Extending discount beyond Agents: The same discount structure can be applicable for individual Libraries, government institutions, NGOs etc. who are willing to purchase PD publications in bulk with the defined monetary limit suggested for Agents. Authors, if they want to purchase their books, can avail the same discount as agents.  In case, limited books are purchased by them, they will avail 25% discount on the price of the book.

d)     Bulk order for Government Agency/Autonomous Bodies: Discount structure & Despatch cost will apply as per Clause 4 (i) a). However, Govt Departments need not pay the Registration Fees of Rs 1000/-. The Entire cost of despatch to be borne by PD provided it is for a single destination. In case, order is for more than one destination (domestic) despatch cost will be shared equally between PD and the Organization.

e)      Discount on sale from PD offices, Fairs, Exhibitions including in-situ exhibitions:



Purchase Value  (In Rs.)






1001 - 2000



2001 – 3000






10001 – 200,000



200,001 – 500,000



500,001  & above











(ii)  Journals:

a)      Discount Structure for Agents (Monthly Journals):

No. Of Copies






2001 and above


b)      For category availing 25% discount, the number of copies for agents should start from minimum of 51 copies.   

c)      The same discount structure to be made applicable to individuals, organizations, libraries, government institutions, NGOs etc. who are willing to purchase our publications in bulk.

(iii) Employment News (Weekly) :  

a)      Discount Structure for Agents :


No. Of Copies






2001 and above



b)      These Distributors/ Agents can also be allowed 120 days credit facility against an EMD of 50% of gross purchase.

c)      The same discount structure to be applicable to  organizations, libraries,  government institutions, NGOs etc. who are willing to purchase our publications.

 Clause 5 :

(a) Additional discount for old/damaged publications:  Additional discount for such publications will be as under:


                       i.         Publications older than five years-50% discount.

                     ii.         Publications older than ten years 60% discount.

                   iii.         Publications older than fifteen years – 90% discount.

                   iv.         Publications older than 15 years, can be given away as donations to National Libraries, National archives, Sahitya Academy Library and all Central/State, Deemed University Libraries, Research Institutes, Central/State Education Boards and other institutions wholly or partly funded by Central/State Governments. These publications can also be donated to the media organisations under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (such as Bureau of Outreach and Communication), Central and State Governments’ Organizations/Government Departments/ PSUs/Autonomous Bodies, funded by Central /State Governments. (Last ten copies of each of such publications shall be retained in the store as record copies).

                     v.         In respect of annual India/Bharat, the shelf life of which is one year only, upto special discount 35% over and above the normal discount slabs in the last two months of the calendar year and thereafter.

                   vi.         In respect of Journals, unsold copies may be given free of cost after one year of publication during Book fair/Exhibitions or any special events of PD as part of sales promotion.

(b). Writing off loses for Damaged Publications:  As per the provisions of GFR.


Clause 6 :

(I) Credit and exchange facility for Agents-


a)                     Agents will be given 120 days credit facility against an EMD of 50% of gross purchase.  The amount of credit can be enhanced against suitable Fixed Deposit.

b)             In case of Central and States Governments’ Organizations/Government Departments/ PSUs/Autonomous Bodies, funded by Central /State Governments/Central and State Universities, a credit facility of up to sixty days may be permitted (without any EMD). However a written undertaking for payment within 60 days, signed by Under Secretary or above level officer would be required.

c)      Return of books to the extent of 20% of stock lifted by Bookseller/Distributor will be allowed in a year to the agents availing a minimum of 45% discount, subject to the condition that the books returned are in saleable condition. The periodicity of such return will be only once in a year. Credit for the value of such returned books will be adjusted against future purchases.

d)     The return would not be applicable for the annual reference book India/Bharat which has a limited shelf value.

Clause 7 :

Arrangement for Marketing of PD Publications


a)      Publications Division will explore arrangements for marketing of its publications along with all national level book publishing organisations like National Book Trust, Sahitya Academy or State Level Academies, and organisations such as IGNCA, Prasar Bharati, NFAI, Films Division, FTII etc .

b)      PD will explore partnership arrangements with these institutions generating suitable content as per PDs mandate, who are interested to display and sell the publications of the Division.

  Clause 8 :

Provision of Gratis

a)      Publications Division may give its publications (Books & Journals) on gratis basis under various categories including sales promotion quota to Agents, Author’s quota, Libraries (mandatory) and VIPs, noted Public Figures, Senior Officials, for publicity, advocacy, outreach, reviewed and record purpose as per the following details :

Sl. No.

No. of copies printed

Gratis Quota



Up-to 10% (out of which minimum 4% earmarked for Sales Promotion)


More than 1000

Up-to 5% (out of which minimum 4% earmarked for Sales Promotion etc.)

b)      For additional quotas, over the above-mentioned limits, the matter will be brought before competent authority.

c)      Gratis copies may also be given to central/state government organizations as specimen copies for getting bulk order.

d)      In case of India/Bharat Reference Manual, the number of copies to be given on complimentary basis will be at least 1% and upto 2% of the print order.

Clause  9 :

International Marketing, Pricing & Publishing Rights : Going Global


(i). International Pricing :


Books to be priced in international currencies would have multiples as per the following INR rate formula:



Books of MRP of Rs. 0-100/-

US $ 3


Books of MRP of Rs. 101-Rs.200/-

US $ 5


Books of MRP of Rs.201 to  Rs.400/-

US $ 9


Books of MPR of Rs.401/- to Rs.1500/-

3.5 times


Books of MRP greater than Rs.1500/-

3 times

·         Shipping charges extra (to be finalized by every six months based on the prevailing international freight charges for different geographical territories) as per the formula specified in Clause 4(i) regarding the despatch cost.


(ii). International sales & Publishing Rights :


Based on above international pricing, PD can enter into exclusive international sales/ publishing/translation rights for specific territories where the same revenue sharing model as prescribed for e-commerce platforms may be followed.  In other words, all the revenue accruing to a publisher that has been allowed publishing rights for a particular territory shall be shared in the ratio of 70 : 30 (as per the net revenue).  


a)      The Translation cost/sales and marketing cost or any other associated cost will be borne by the Publishers/Right-Acquirer out of the Discount allowed as well as the 30% revenue share on the net sales value. 

b)      PD will also sell its P-books, e-books and e-journals through International Agents on e-commerce platforms as per same arrangements as mentioned in Clause 3 above.

c)      PD will appoint International Agents to sells its publications as per the existing terms and condition and discount structure mentioned in Clause 4 above. Despatch cost will be as per Clause 9(i).

d)     Support shall be taken from the Missions abroad for appointment of International Agents and participation in International Book Fairs & Exhibitions.


Clause  10 :

Special provisions for Strengthening Sales and Marketing :

(i)     Engagement of five Zonal Marketing and Distribution Agencies (ZMDAs) for Journals and  Books :

To improve the circulation of its journals, PD will engage five Zonal Marketing and Distribution Agencies (ZMDAs) for undertaking Sales and Marketing of its books/journals in order to ensure that its publications are easily available across to meet the unmet needs of readers. The five zones to market and distribute journals are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Guwahati.  The agencies to be engaged on zonal basis will also undertake aggressive sales and marketing efforts for improving the circulation of the books/journals and will facilitate greater visibility of PD’s publications across the country. The ZMDAs will be identified on the basis of an open advertisement.(Detailed Terms and Conditions to be separately finalised by PD in consultation with the Ministry)

(ii). Engagement of State level Empanelled Book Distribution Agencies (SLEBDs) for Promotion, Marketing and Sale of Books.

Presently, Publications Division’s sales & marketing efforts are undertaken through network of its book agents as well as its limited Sales Emporia. In order to widen its reach, PD envisages strengthening of its sales and marketing efforts by engaging State level Empanelled Book Distribution Agencies (SLEBDs) in all the States/UTs. Accordingly, PD envisages SLEBDs to act as an extended arm of PD that will undertake aggressive sales and marketing efforts to ensure greater reach for the books of Publications Division. The SLEBDs will also undertake participation and organisation of Book Fairs/Exhibitions on behalf of PD in their respective areas. The SLEBDs will be identified on the basis of an open advertisement. (Detailed Terms and Conditions to be separately finalised by PD in consultation with the Ministry)

Clause 11 :

Review of Business Policy/Guidelines Annually


Publications Division to undertake the review of pricing of books and journals on the basis of guidelines given above as and when it becomes necessary.