Publications Division is a repository of books and journals highlighting subjects of national importance and India’s rich cultural heritage. Established in 1941, Publications Division has emerged as a premier publishing house of the Government of India, enriching national knowledge repository in distinctive streams as under :

(i) Preserving and showcasing India’s heritage with quality publications on  land and people, history of freedom movement, art and culture, flora and fauna, Gandhian literature, biographies of the builders of modern India during the freedom movement, leading luminaries in the field of culture, philosophy, science, literature etc.

(ii) Bringing out  speeches of the Presidents/ Prime Ministers, books on contemporary science, economy, history and other subjects with underlying focus on Indian society and readership ; and

(iii) Bringing out Children’s literature - fiction and non-fiction material with broad objective of providing infotainment, spreading awareness about the land, people, heritage, culture and society aiming at inculcating human values and scientific temper among children.


Besides books, the Publications Division also publishes 17 monthly journals, which include Yojana in English, Hindi and 11 other languages, Kurukshetra (English and Hindi), Bal Bharati (Hindi) and Aajkal (Hindi and Urdu). These journals have a large readership and enjoy a high degree of credibility among the public. These journals reflect the initiatives of the Government and the country’s progress in different areas covering a wide range of subjects such as economic development, rural reconstruction, community development, literature, culture, children’s literature and information on employment and career opportunities.

Yojana, the flagship journal of the Division published since 1957, seeks to carry the message of planned development to all sections of society and serves as a forum to promote a healthy discussion representing a cross-section of views on socio-economic aspects of development. Yojana, published in 13 languages with a combined circulation of above 2 lakhs per month and a readership of nearly 8 Lakhs, is counted among the largest circulated journals in the field of development journalism. The journal tries to take up contemporary topics of national importance as its monthly themes. During last one year the journal has focused on contemporary issues like Demonetisation, GST, Social Security, Youth Empowerment, MSMEs and Consumer Awareness, Employment and Self Employment etc.

Kurukshetra, published since 1952 in English and Hindi, is a unique monthly journal dedicated to rural development issues. It serves as a platform for exchange of ideas on policies and programmes related to rural development. Combined circulation of Kurukshetra (English and Hindi) is close to 1,00,000 per month. During last one year, Kurukshetra has highlighted the government’s initiatives in the rural sector covering varied topics such as Swachhta, Boosting farmers’ income, Rural Health, Irrigation and water conservation, Digital Rural India and Skilling Rural Youth, Small Scale Industries etc.

Bal Bharati, the popular children’s monthly in Hindi, is being published regularly since 1948. Its objective is to provide healthy entertainment to children while educating them at the same time and also inculcating in them human values and scientific temper through short stories, poems, picture stories and informative articles.

Ajkal, the prestigious literary magazine published since 1945 in Hindi and 1942 in Urdu, brings out a number of special issues and covers different aspects of Indian culture and literature.