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May 2024

Towards Embracing Green Technologies

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The term “Green technology” describes about the use of technology and science to reduce humanimpacts on thenatural environment. Green technology encompasses a wide area of scientific research,including energy,atmospheric science, agriculture, material science, and hydrology. Green technologyoffers numerousenvironmental, economic and social advantages. Sustainable green technologies addmuch to a sustainable society while promotingenvironmental protection and economic development. Thefuture of green technology holds immense potential for innovation and sustainability.

Lead Article

GreenTechnologies: Current Status,Challenges and Way Ahead

Authors: Manjula Wadhwa

The future of green technology is not just about new gadgets and solutions; it is moreabout ashift in mindset towards a more sustainable way of living. India’s continuallyevolving policies and reforms focused on attaining nationally determined contributionsare clearing a path forfaster adoption of green technologies and for facilitating investorsacross the globe.Economically, Green technologies open new markets and create jobs.These technologies also foster business innovation, enabling companies to developnew products and services that meet growing consumer demand for sustainability.Environmentally, green technologies significantly reduce carbon emissions contributingto the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. Socially, they improvethe quality of life by providing access to cleaner air and water. And they also offer a pathto achieving global sustainability at the national level.

Focus / Special Article

Biodiversity Conservation using Remote Sensing and GIS Tools

Authors: Dr. Ritesh Joshi Dr. Kanchan Puri

Growing human-led exploitation of natural resources and climatic changes has putbiodiversity of India (which is one of the twelve mega biodiverse countries in the world)under severe threat. Globally also, it comes under increasing pressure on accountof factors such as habitat fragmentation/habitat loss, over-exploitation, pollution,invasive species, and global warming. In such a scenario, the potential of geospatialtools needs to be utilised in terms of forest cover maps, land use, land cover maps, andvegetation maps especially in places of inaccessible,rugged terrain for further macroand micro level planning.


April 2023


Rural Women: Integral for AatmaNirbhar Bharat

  Government of India has made significant impact in empowering rural women through economic inclusion, assuring social parity and ease of living. Rate of rural women participation in workforce was estimated to be 24.8 percent and out of which 80 percent are engaged in agriculture and allied sector. Being an important demographic dividend, rural women empowerment can be an important contributor for economic reforms in realising an ambitious target of a USD 5 trillion economy for India by 2024-25 and achieving UN- millennium goals by 2030.   New India under the leadership of honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, envisions rural India as an asset laden with great potential to speed up its economic development and also yield on...

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